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"At the Texas Rebel Radio Network, we thoroughly enjoy finding a new talent to add to the library and a few years ago, Kat Moore was just such a talent! We invited her band to perform at our Windows on Texas annual event where she received a huge Hill Country welcome and venue bookings. Her albums show clear artist growth and maturity in writing and presentation. On "Miss Understood", the Kat Moore Band more than delivers a project complete in excellence in production and delivery. Kat seems to be dropping any attempt to hide her soulful blues side. This project will span the music genres and Texas Rebel Radio will proudly add strong support!
Excellent job my friends - keep 'em coming.... "

~Dawn Dale, PD

"Her outgoing personality and devotion to music separates Moore from many. She loves her profession immensely, and thrives off of the people and energy of live shows. She knows that live performances are essential for spreading a band’s image, and the Kat Moore Band’s raw, edgy, no-nonsense sound inevitably ignites the atmosphere of any gig they play."
Jordan Richards, The Plainsmen Press (Apr 18, 2011)

"I have known of  Kat's music for several years and have played her from time to time. I just got the new single [Shadows] in and BAM! I said, "This is it, this is the
one." This is the song that Kat Moore Band has needed and the song that I have wanted. Kat is such a talent. She has great control over her vocals, she's not
some new girl that dropped out of college. We need more females in this format that bring more Texas Country and LESS Unicorns and Glitter. Listen to the dang
song, you will understand what I'm saying. It fits what I do here in Abilene."

JB Cloud, KBCY 99.7
Abilene, Texas

"Miss Understood is really good music, with all the classic components of great country and honky-tonk, but notched up a level higher by Kat’s voice in which you can hear strength, experience, knowledge and courage... Kat and her band sound like their ready to break free – polished. Her songs are repeatedly requested on the airwaves and she plays a steady schedule of shows including the Hard Rock Casino. Kat is ready for the big time. "

- Thomas Figg-Hoblyn, Root Hog Radio Song Reviews (Aug 30, 2011)

"Kat Moore has been one of the Top Most requested singers on our station and now after listening to "Miss Understood" I am sure Kat Moore will still be one of the most requested. The Band and vocals are by far the best on this project. "Miss Understood" is a GREAT CD and I think this project will help her get the exposure she deserves."

- Philip Corder - Program Director - BigStar97.com

"Moore has power, style and class.... Moore has talents that could easily find their path to mainstream artists.... Moore’s music and solid feel for what she sings and writes puts her out there as not only a fan fav, but also a CSO watch and wait to arrive act."

- George Peden, Country Stars Online (Sep 12, 2010)

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2012 Texas Regional Radio Music Awards Nominee 
- Best New Female Vocalist -


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